Sierra and Chamonix, Denali and Jazzi in Brace

2019 - didn't think I would show in brace again, but Sierra recovered from surgeries and I started practing in April
with her and Jazzi, who wasn't even a year old.

The are not evenly matched, but did ok, placing third. Yes, there are two dogs in there!


Sierra and Chamonix aren't as evenly matched as Chamonix and Lhotse were, but we have done brace several times together,
 and even did Brace with Denali. Winning first place at the Barbary Coast Samoyed Club Specialty many years in a row.



2015 Barbary Coast Samoyed Club Specialty, Sierra and Chamonix were really in sync this year. Judge Jane Treiber


Chami and Sierra winning Brace again in 2014 at our specialty under judge Angela Porpora!


Best in Brace, Barbary Coast Samoyed Club Specialty, 2013, Sierra and Chamonix 
Brace is hard work, moving two strong dogs, and it is always at the end of the day! Here we are in 2013 at Barbary Coast Samoyed Club Specialty

Denali and Sierra win Best in Brace at the Barbary Coast Samoyed Club Specialty, 2012


Brace for the Parade of Title Holders, picking up Lhotse's last rosette, and in competition at the SCA National in 2011 in Utah

Previous years doing brace with Chamonix and Lhotse

2010 - Chamonix inside, Lhotse outside

2009 Chamonix on inside, Lhotse on outside

2008 Barbary Coast Samoyed Club,  Lhotse on the inside, Chamonix on the outside. This was our Brace debut!

4th in Brace at the Samoyed Club of America National 2008 - Lhotse on the outside

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Angels Camp, California

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